See how smart layers can help your links thrive.

Retargeting layer

Build your retargeting lists on Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Linkedin by simply adding retargeting pixels directly to the link.

Every time someone clicks your link, he will be automatically added to your retargeting list, even if the link goes to external websites, documents or forms where you don't have your pixels installed.

Branding layer

A link you share is in fact your call to action. To increase link trust and CTR, there’s no better way than to use a branded short link.

Branded links also look better and more professional than any generic 3rd party short URL you may use today. People actually click on them so make them memorable.

Editing layer

Having the option to change link's destination after it's been sent into the wild is probably one of the most time and business saving features of Refrla.

Change links to documents when they change. Change links to landing pages when they change. Change links to enter your case when it changes.

While keeping the link you sent to your customers exactly the same.

Customization layer

Customize the appearance of a link before sharing it, instantly and easily. Edit the image, the title, the description without changing the code.

Links with better preview thumbnails and titles on social media tends to get a much higher CTR.

You can even change the preview when you are linking to others people websites.

Privacy layer

Stats for each link created with shorteners like Bit.ly and Goo.gl are public. Anyone can see how many clicks your ad got or how popular your Instagram Bio link is.

At Refrla, we take the privacy of your stats seriously so only you and people you invite have access to them.

Security layer

Each custom short domain on Refrla is secured with an SSL certificate. 

With "https" secured short domain, you not only pass all rigorous safety measures by all modern browsers, but you can also use links created in Refrla in all advertising networks. 

Team layer

The best results usually come out of a teamwork.

That is why you can add multiple team members into a single Refrla account. Users can have a full admin level access or can only have the option to create and share links.

Analytics layer

Collect data from every link and every click. Our analytics provide you with the right information at the right time.

Identify better traffic sources and make better decisions with our link-based analytics.

Layers and features to be released soon

UTM builder

Call to action

Micro page


QR codes

A/B testing

Agency & Resellers specific features

Dashboard rebranding

We know it is important for agencies to keep brand consistency.

With Agency plans you can customize the user interface, login page and a custom domain on which user interface runs.

Sub-accounts for clients

With sub-accounts, you can organize your agency dashboard to work more efficiently.

If you want, you can even give your clients the access to the dashboard and let them create links, check stats and more.